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Mission To Sydney Song Lyrics From S3 Yamudu 3

Movie : S3 Yamudu 3 (2016)
Song : Mission To Sydney
Singer : Lady Kash
Starring : Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Shruti Haasan
Music by : Harris Jayaraj
Lyrics : Hari, Rakendu Mouli
Music label : Eros

Mission To Sydney Video Song | S3 Yamudu 3 Mission To Sydney | S3 Yamudu 3 Movie Songs

Mission To Sydney Lyrics

Ena gana gana smack up
Idi nava nava match up
Eva thava thava trap hop
Ema gama gama got up

Roaring Lion daring Lion
Soaring Lion rocking Lion
Wanna wanna waanna higher
Gonna gonna gonna fire
Gotta gotta gotta near
Never never never fear
Sydney mission own decision
Has the vision
For the nation

Samudraale daatate,
Sudigaalai dookaade.
Sayyante chedugoode.
Samara simham veede.

Ena gana gana roaring Lion
Idi nava nava daring Lion
Eva Thava thava soaring Lion
Ema gama gama rocking Lion..(2 times)

Re re re reloading re re reloading
Big badder boss boom boom
Bullet on a zoom
Flew in to Sydney
A new direction
Got it all locked down
None to question
Didgeridoo if you know who
He could do it solo
What it takes two
Gonna leave a trail in new Southwales
Kangaroo kicks this man is so sleek
"Ra ga ra ga raga ra ga da da
 Ra ga ra ga raga ra ga da da" (2 times)

"Roaring Lion daring Lion" (2 times)

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